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Find commercial agents thanks to SellMen. SellMen's purpose is to support companies in a search, scouting and selection activity up to the contact with the sales professional.

Easy to use

Submit your ad placement request in minutes by completing industry, client type, and candidate requirements.

International Search

Your search can take place either in your home market or in a foreign nation.

Clean Design

Your ad will have photos and text customized for your company, we will add your photos to make it more beautiful and interesting for candidates.

Professional support

A team of business search professionals will support you in creating your search ad.

How it works

By creating a personalized and tailored advertisement for your company, supported by one of our experts, you can be found by interesting applicants for your business. You will have an online space that will be your showcase to show to potential new trade professionals who will contact you.

Smart Notification

When a candidate applies for your search you will be informed and we will tell you what the match rate is with him.

Professional support

your ad will be placed by a team of experts in finding business figures and web and digital professionals.

Data driven

By logging in to your company's panel you can see how many have visited your ad, how many have clicked to learn more, and how many have applied.

Easy setup

By filling in a few fields and uploading a few photos you can complete your ad and see it online shortly thereafter.

Clean Design

You will have a landing page dedicated to you and that visually appealingly presents your company and products.

Make yourself visible

Your page will be seen by thousands of candidates potentially interesting to your company.

Time control

You decide how long your ad should stay online: one month, two months, three months....

Strength in Numbers

Every day we are chosen by numerous companies and candidates who sign up and use to increase their sales.

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